The idea

Mind My Art


The charity's three main mottos are self-motivation, uniqueness in togetherness and contrast of interpretation.

Its four trustees and its Manager understand it and although they may all have individual reasons to commit to this charity they also come with their own skills and are very much aware that, in order to maintain good rapport within a self-therapeutic approach regarding its projects, the board itself has to share the values of kindness, trust, honesty and the willingness to support.

Mel Syme

MEL SYME - Chair Trustee - Second contact & Ambassador

I live in Poole, have been here for 30 years.

I work front of house in a local ticketing company, I am currently responsible for travel requests & hospitality.

The majority of my work life has been spent in the

print industry in both small family run business to large company.

I have always enjoyed art & so helping Nathalie in this new venture seemed a great idea.

MORAY DOBREE-CAREY - Trustee - Treasurer - Support with exhibitions

I currently enjoy working as a School Design and Technology Techncian in a creative and thought provoking environment, but previously spent many years working with a very broad spectrum of people in Adult Education. I recognise there is a great need to support people leading limited lives, however temporary, weighed down with anxiety in their daily lives. I have seen how short structured interventions can effectively change perceptions and enable people once again.

Helen Quick


HELEN QUICK -Trustee - Minutes taker - Support with administration & exhibitions


Having been involved in education for over 25 years as a teacher, including 3 years working in Prague, I have more recently enjoyed the challenges and transition into a new role as an administrator in a local engineering company. In my spare time, I get a lot of enjoyment out of singing in a choir, swimming and walking regularly to keep fit and spending time with friends and family including my two grown up daughters. I got to know Nathalie as she was embarking on the pilot art project and have been interested in following its development into a charity. As a visitor to The Veil Exhibition in May 2019 I was struck by the range of motivations and outcomes of the amateur artists and of the individual stories they shared through the medium of art.

 As a trustee of Mind My Art, I am looking forward to offering admin support to the charity and its Manager when needed and working alongside a small group of people who share a passion and understanding for the role creativity plays in promoting positive mental health and well-being.

DAVID LEGG - Trustee - Technical Support for the Exhibtions and support with the  worshops.

I am a well seasoned electrical engineer who has survived the rat race of work. Happily for me, I am about to slip out the bottom of that world into the more sedate environment of the pensioner. I have also become the senior member of my family, which brings its own responsibilities and rewards but I foresee a large void of inactivity that I need to fill. Physically I still feel as fit as I was in my twenty’s but my body and my doctor constantly inform me that I am deluded. Albeit that I am now a little ragged on the outside and probably on the inside I need to do something that is hopefully more fulfilling than just work. I am naturally a happy type of person who is interested in people and someone who

likes to be in the company of others. I am no artist but I am a keen DIY enthusiast, partly through choice and part necessity, and over the years I have learnt many things, particularly when life was less regulated than it is today. DIY has also rewarded me with several scars for my troubles. I have always been a keen badminton player, as much for the social company as the exercise, and this is where I met Nathalie and was introduced to the Mind my Art charity. I had to do some research, mainly what is a Trustee, before I could agree to sign up. It is true that I am new to this but I fully understand the importance and responsibility and I have the time, interest and enthusiasm to be involved with the charity. 

Nathalie Leterrier

NATHALIE LETERRIER - Founder - Charity Manager & Therapeutic Project                                                 Coordinator

S.N.H.S Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

S.N.H.S Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Regent Academy Diploma with merit Life Coaching Practitioner

Regent Academy Diploma with merit Stress Management Practitioner

City & Guilds - N.V.Q 3  Further and Adult Education Teachers Certificate

As well as sharing the charity's core values, fairness is also extremely important to me.  Having been self-employed for the last 20 years as a language teacher for adults, and lived as a single mother (of my own choice) in a foreign country (which is now home) with no immediate family support, I developed an important inner strength made of determination,

 resilience and autonomy. I also always felt the need to strengthen and understand myself with my flaws, my patterns, my conditioning but also give a chance for my passions to come to the surface. I always had a penchant for oil and acrylic painting, so in my thirties I started to study Design / Interior décor and Website designing and also started to think about my physical

health and took up Salsa and more currently Badminton. I quickly understood that all those activities were helping me to stay balanced... I then, started to study Meditation, Feng Shui, Stress Management, Coaching, N.L.P, C.B.T and  my purpose in life became  more obvious to me: help others to improve themselves (with French, Decor / Design or Therapy). But I soon also realised that it was not always necessary in therapy for my clients to open up to me but just to themselves... and that not everyone was comfortable with the idea of having therapy or even being able to pay for therapy and for some others it wouldn’t even be an option they would consider because of the conditioning still affecting their willingness to trust and to open up. 

The idea behind the charity Mind My Art

Even if the seed was already there, I was not seeing it, and it started to take shape in December 2017, the right time for me when I needed distractions from my personal life, a former student of mine contacted me. He needed help with promoting his book of poems. At first I did not know how to help him as marketing was not my area of expertise... but by looking at the format he had chosen for his book it reminded me of a catalogue people can get at an art exhibition. So I started to contact people I knew with creative abilities in them and before long they were keen to participate to the project “The Veil “ (which is our pilot project) and express how they felt while reading the poems – and the result was incredible.

From this point, my perspective being different from his, the journey took me towards the creation of a charity with supportive therapeutic aim in mind at all levels, where a participation fee is not a barrier to empathy and compassion, where everyone is equal regardless of their backgrounds or other discriminations and finally where the participants have control of their willingness to open up in a unique, respectful way and in a friendly environment. 

This Charity was created for you

So now please if you are someone who finds it difficult to let what is bothering you inside out and if creativity is an activity you enjoy then it could be your self-therapeutic tool and it does not matter how far you’ll decide to stay within the project. Each stage will provide you with a bit more inner strength to believe in yourself and I am not just talking about your creative skills... But even if you decide that your artwork is for your eyes only, your own therapeutic journey will have already started... and I know this because I have been there like many other people have... and if you decide to exhibit your artwork, after having shared it with myself the therapeutic Project Coordinator, the other amateur artists, your friends, your family and the public... then, what you initially saw as your weakness, your “protection” but also your inner jail will turn into your strength and you will have gained enough self-confidence  to understand that you are just unique and you have the right to be accepted  exactly as you are because there isn’t a single unique mould we have to stick to... and I know it can be a very overwhelming process to go through and that is one of the main reasons why this charity exists - to support you through it with respect, kindness and friendliness with the means of creativity....