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Creativity is good for you

In general, for the participants, taking part in project like ours has many benefits.

Ø Creativity is multi-disciplinary:

Not only can they practise creativity through many different media, its benefits are applicable also to almost all professions…… and they will learn from other participants’ techniques and skills.

Ø Creativity will allow them to express themselves:

An integral part of the human condition involves learning who we are and recognizing how we fit into the rest of the world. Creativity allows self-discovery, as well as the opportunity to share a hidden side of ourselves … thus, expressing themselves more easily.

Ø Creativity promotes thinking and problem-solving:

From the technical details of writing, drawing and composing, to the challenge of creating and problem-solving, these are the necessary components of the creative process……. thus, bringing to the surface their own inner issues to be solved too.

Ø Creativity reduces stress and anxiety:

People usually pursue creative projects because they enjoy the process or the outcome. Just the act of creating inspires a sense of satisfaction…… thus releasing tension in a respectful and control way.

Ø Creativity will allow them to enter their happy zone and have fun:

Creativity is really another form of play, and play is universally important to each individual’s sense of joy and well-being…….and developing the ability to lose themselves in a positive way and allowing the mind to rest.

Ø Creativity will give them a sense of purpose:

Writers, artists, and musicians often identify with those words whether they make money from their craft or not. Their creative method is their way of processing the world and a way of describing who they are……. creating will give them a purpose when they cannot find it in their daily lives.

Ø Creativity can lead to feelings of achievement and pride:

The combination of brainstorming, the technical process, and a finished process is often the perfect recipe for personal satisfaction.

Ø Creativity can link you to others who have the same passion:

Art is important because it fosters a sense of connection and understanding of what it means to be human. A creative focus can help them find their community and feel less alone in the world.

Ø Creativity will improve their ability to focus:

The act of creating requires dedication and commitment, not only to each individual project but to the craft itself………and distract themselves from negative ways of thinking.

Ø Creativity promotes risk-taking and iteration:

Making things isn’t easy; making things others will appreciate is even harder. Creativity requires courage, confidence, and the willingness to fail and try again……it encourages resilience.

Ø Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation:

Every progress known to mankind started with a new idea, and new ideas are inspired by imagination and creativity.

Ø Creativity will encourage them to be life-long learners:

Creativity requires the humility to know that there is always room for improvement and a commitment to continue challenging your ideas and ability until new growth occurs

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