Image by Jeremy Bishop

All lives are beautiful 

Phase one for our new project started 1st November 2021 and phase two will take place in September 2022 with a 3 day exhibition
(Saturday 17th-Monday 19th)
at the Gather exhibition venue - dolphin centre - ground floor / opposite Beales - Poole
BH15 1SZ 

New participants welcome 
and the theme " all lives are beautiful " can be   interpreted as you wish to, because nobody is right or wrong

The project has for an aim to present the artworks in an exhibition. It is based on self motivation, contrast of interpretation and uniqueness in togetherness by expressing how you feel or would like to feel.  So you will be asked to work independently from the group but with the support of our Therapeutic Project Coordinator Nathalie. Once the artworks collected, a private exhibition for the artists  will be organised. You can then meet the other participants, exchange ideas, talk about your experience or not and all this over a hot drink. Then a public exhibition will  take place where again you will meet the other participants and if you wish to, introduce yourself to the visitors and all this again over another hot drink !

There isn't any fee for you to pay to participate in this project but you will have to pay for your own material. Contrast of interpretation means also contrast of creative skills so paint and brushes are not the only tools you can use!

What to expect ?

Via the therapeutic rapport with the project coordinator you will gain:
  1. A caring and respectful ear to talk to about the development of your artwork and your own perspective according to your  own inner stories and needs.
  2. You will receive support to express yourself clearly and freely.
  3. You will also receive reassurance and motivation to achieve your goals.
  4. You will be kept connected to the project and group.
 Via the creative process of this project:
  • You will get great psychological satisfaction as a reward for your self-motivation and achievement, both at personal and group level.
  • Encouraging free, individual contrast of interpretation where nobody is right or wrong will promote self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
  • Providing you, the amateur artist, with the opportunity to have your work seen publicly in an exhibition setting, will allow you to shine and to gain a potential financial reward, which all together will help to strengthen your self-esteem, self-belief and confidence.
  • The preview meeting/ private exhibition will give you the opportunity to meet face to face with the other participants to learn from each other (as soon as the portfolio is submitted), it will encourage inclusion, communication, recognition, the right to be unique and authentic, openness to the perspectives of others, to create new rapports, to receive feedback and to improve your skills in the process.
  • Just as for the private exhibition, the public one will provide the same opportunities but on a much larger scale and bolstered by the cumulative effect of all the interactions with the coordinator and the co-participants during the preview, you should have built by then sufficient positive momentum to feel the positive effect on your self-belief and confidence.  
  • During the preview and the public exhibition,you and  the other  participants will get the opportunities over coffee to discuss or not, your artwork, your personal situation, as well as the tips you use to keep yourselves emotionally/mentally balanced.
  • You will realise that expressing your feelings in a creative way in a project like this one is respectful to your individuality while making connections.
Via “stage exposure” you  will gain:
(The 3 stages being the development period, the private exhibition and the public one)
  • A safe and respectful setting to face your own inner issues and challenges
  • A comfortable (place and time-scale) setting to express yourself
  • A comfortable momentum to build self-belief and confidence
  • Achieving your goal will demonstrate or reinforce your sense of persistence and resilience. It will be evidence of your self-efficacy belief (one's belief in one's ability to succeed in specific situations or to accomplish a task) and therefore believing in your abilities to achieve another project.
  • The therapeutic effect of creativity will positively affect your emotional health and therefore your cognitive skills as well as your behavior…. with a ripple effect within your circle.
  • As soon as another project is in place, you will be offered the opportunity to join, thus strengthening the new connections in the process, providing you with another purpose for your skill year after year, and see your own expression of healing evolving in a gentle regular and creative way.
With regard to the public visiting the exhibition, it will:
  • highlight the importance of maintaining good emotional/mental health and well-being.
  • give them insight into their own emotional/mental health and well-being.
  • make them appreciate even more their own inner journey.
  • or make them realise they could do with some support themselves.
  • And finally, they will be reminded of the importance to respect other people’s journeys or issues with more consideration, kindness, and empathy.