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We encourage people to enjoy creativity, as a self therapeutic tool, to express how they feel or would like to feel. Then, we organise private and public exhibitions to show their artwork and reinforce their confidence and self-belief.





Mind My Art charity – Through the medium of Art and creative activities facilitate a beneficial effect in breaking down indifference, feeling of isolation and improving health & wellbeing for everyone.

The charity’s main aim is to tackle loneliness, lack of compassion and empathy when it comes to other people’s emotions, issues/health challenges.

The adoption of a proven therapeutic approach; to present different themes to groups of people from various backgrounds or having issues. And then encourage them to engage with a natural creative side to express themselves via this common ground and in the process breaking down social barriers and loneliness. A key focus is to present some of the work in exhibitions which itself forms a critical part of encouragement and a sense of shared and personal achievement.

Mind My Art is a newly registered charity with four trustees, Helen, Pina, David and Moray plus a Charity Manager /Therapeutic Project Coordinator Nathalie. 

The organisation has four main aims that benefit the participant’s mental health.


1. To encourage the use of creativity as a tool to relieve stress and prevent mental health issues.  

2. To bring people together through creativity

3. To increase awareness of differing perspectives and points of view

4. To inspire people


  • The main benefits resulting from each of the 4 focus aims; 

  1. To encourage the use of creativity as a tool to prevent and relieve stress and  other mental health issues. 

  •   To give the participants the opportunity to express themselves and to reconnect with their artistic side more frequently and to enjoy it for exactly what it is.

  • To give them the opportunity to express or release their inner feelings related to their own experience, by using creativity as a therapeutic tool.

  • To use their creativity and to bring positive energy to their otherwise not always fulfilling circumstances.


 2. To bring people together through creativity;

  • To use creativity and to highlight some of the social challenges such as lack of compassion in society,

  • To reintegrate themselves and mix with others, in a creative context where difference of culture, social class, religion, etc. is irrelevant to their creative skills.

  • To highlight the healthy respect for individuality within a group setting.

 3. To increase awareness of differing perspectives and points of view

  • How satisfying it is when past negative emotions do not affect us anymore.

  • But when it comes to emotional pain, we are all the same, we feel it!

  • We might not suffer emotionally or have suffered exactly as somebody else and that is okay. We just move forward in the best way we can….and in a creative way is a good way!

  • Togetherness, compassion and empathy bring warmth, support to change and a sensation of connection.

  • We can either pierce through the veil of misunderstanding and indifference or let it solidify in our minds….and how can we help others to believe they can go for the first option? (By inviting them to take part in our projects, by showing respect, kindness, empathy and compassion is another.)

  • Creativity helps to alleviate and release unwanted feelings.

4. To inspire people

  • To realise feelings and emotions are the same across the globe.

  • To be aware of the need for a stronger sense of empathy in society and to make a difference with kindness (and it does not matter how small, it is already something because it has a ripple effect).

  • To be more considerate of other people’s emotional issues/inner journey (by looking at the work exhibited which is the creative expression of it and by reflecting on it).

  • To appreciate their own inner wellness and journey/path.

  • To acknowledge their own mental health issues.

  • To express themselves creatively as they appreciate the amateur artist’s courage in exhibiting their own inner journeys.

  • To realise that when you believe in something you can make it happen (the fact that the exhibition happens is the evidence).To go on their own creative journey/project and be more self-motivated (if other average non-professional artists can do this then so can they, i.e. empowerment).To take part in similar projects to bring even more diversity within the artistic community.

Our Mission

We support Uniqueness in Togetherness

In a society where expressing our inner feelings is not always something we are conditioned to do, creativity is a therapeutic tool which does not require words.

Our Mission

We want to encourage people to use creativity as a self- therapeutic tool to express how they feel. ....and to reveal their uniqueness in a relaxing & respectful setting while making connection and ,strengthening their confidence  

Our Vision

We focus on Uniqueness in togetherness  by encouraging integration, Inclusion and acceptance, by reinforcing  contrast of interpretation where everyboby is right and nobody is wrong......something we hope our participants and the exhibition visitors will carry on spreading among their inner and outer circles.

We Need Your Support Today!

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