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All lives are beautiful 

The exhibition took place, in September 2022
in Poole Dolphin centre, in Dorset.
please have a look at the participants' creative perspectives on the theme " All lives are beautiful"

David Legg

“All lives are Beautiful”


Given the event of recent days, I thought it was only right to show appreciation

for the Queen’s service to us all!

 David Legg

Carmel 1_edited.jpg
Carmel 8_edited.jpg
Cmel 1_edited.jpg

“All lives are beautiful”


I was happy so I decided to paint this after dark times. This makes me feel calm as all I can hear are birds chirping and the smell of flowers.


Ethan Judges – age 12

Ethan + jules_edited_edited_edited.jpg
jules 2_edited.jpg


“All lives are Beautiful”

My son Dustin was such a lovely boy, but I lost him at 4 months old. The day I made this sculpture I was feeling a Mother’s Love & Loss but also the celebration of his life.


Jules Lunniss

Faithworks 1_edited_edited.jpg

“All lives are beautiful”

  • Sun: Huge – Vast

  • Rainbow: God’s promise

  • Rain: dark – heavy tears cannot last

Sobs subside – becoming gentle rain

waters the Earth – repairs – refreshes

allows new growth – new Life Springs up

through the rough times (grass)

  • Earth: Cold – damp – dirty – nutritious nourishing promotes New Life

Janet - Volunteer for Faithworks

Faithworks 1_edited.jpg

All lives are beautiful”


The beauty of an overthinking mind




“All lives are beautiful”


My perspective on life depends on how I feel.

When I feel positive, I wake up and see myself under a good light (with lovely colours in my drawing)

When I feel negative, I wake up and what I see in my inner mirror is grey and chaotic.


Victoria De Russell – Volunteer for Faithworks


“All lives are beautiful”


For me it is also about recycling and giving objects a second life.

Like many people I tend to trash things at the tip and sometimes I see potential in other people’s unwanted items and I felt I should every so often spend time revamping some of my furniture instead of buying new fashionable ones.

See photo of my bench when I was on the point to take it to the tip and see the real thing and how it looks like now with the help of my partner Dave. A bench with a new colour scheme adapted to its new garden. Nobody else will have the same bench and that is the beauty of it!



“All lives are beautiful”


Bev’s short life was most worthy of being celebrated and remembered.

As the pace of life gets more and more frantic, too often the memories and moments of those that have left us are quickly lost as our own priorities take precedence. The inspiration for this book was remembrance and celebration and putting it together was an honour. I heard it said once that “Grief is just Love with Nowhere to go “and I know that this book has been an incredible comfort to her family and all those that love her because the document in its entirely keeps Bev’s spirit alive.


Lloyd Moore

rita's 3_edited.jpg
rita's 1_edited.jpg
rita's 2_edited.jpg

All lives are beautiful”.


Robert William Mathews passed in 2014. He was a very interesting gentleman and not many people have had the privilege to see his artwork during his lifetime.

So, because all lives are beautiful, I decided to ask his daughter to allow us to show his creative work.

 Being able to exhibit his artworks (painting and book) was Something he often mentioned to me while he was still among us and today, I am very pleased to provide him with this satisfaction… even if he is not with us anymore.




I do not really enjoy the idea of touching a spider but I do admire their hard work and artwork.

The way a spiderweb is designed is incredible. It is amazingly beautiful to look at a web in nature, at dawn particularly, when the sun shines gently on it and a few pearls of dew ornate it.


So, my inspiration was a web but I also wanted to delete the cruel and natural image of insects caught in it.

So instead of powerless victims I added flowers because I wanted to only see the beauty in nature and bring positive energy to my painting according to my vision.

fiona's tree_edited_edited.jpg
fiona 3_edited_edited.jpg
fiona 7.jpg
Fiona 5_edited_edited.jpg
Fiona 11_edited_edited.jpg

Fiona Field

Fiona's window_edited_edited.jpg
Fiona 4_edited.jpg

Feedback from our participants


Answers to the questionnaire

1) On the scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied in general are you about the whole experience so far?

  the average answer is 9.5 

2) On the scale of 0 to 10, and taking in consideration your own reasons for taking part in this project, do you feel you have achieved your objectives?

  the average answer 9.87

3) Any comment? 

Following the Queen's passing I thought I should do something to mark the event


It was really good for me to talk about my art, inspiration and my journey.

I enjoyed the whole experience of looking for the beautiful things inside and outside myself and putting feelings into pictures

Thank you.

It was a challenge to find the time to be creative, but I did it and I am proud of it!

I moved out of my comfort zone.

Feedback from our visitors

I think it is wonderful what you are all doing " well done". The artwork & poetry is all done to a very high standard.

I love your initiative. I think that some of your messaging could be a little simpler.

As a charity on a limited budget, I thought it was excellent.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for self-expression and community, bringing light to important topics and providing a creative outlet. All involved were warm and welcoming

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